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From: Sefer Vladimirets, 1963


** Webmaster Note: The following is a translation from Hebrew by Laia Ben-Dov as sponsored by George Zilbergeld. Additional clarifications are provided in parenthesis ( ).


We will remember and won't forget the town of our birth, the holy congregation of Vladimirets, which was cut off and is no more.

We will remember, with a trembling of the heart and tearing of the eyes, our parents, our brothers and sisters, and the entire congregation of Jews of our town, pure of heart and honest men and women, old people and children, whose blood was spilled like water by criminal murderers.

We will remember their cries, their sanctification of G-d's name, over paths of mourning and bereavement and over an open grave. 

We will remember all those who were ruthlessly persecuted those scattered and isolated in the depths of the forest and in rooms of torture, wrapped in hunger, wretched, depressed, and without consolation.

We will remember our brothers and our sisters, bitter of heart and daring of deed, who risked their lives and fell in the war of revenge against the oppressors of our people.

May their souls be bound in eternal life.

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