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Why have exhibits?

This website contains so much information that not all of it could be easily accessed.  Creating short exhibits allows us to highlight information that was previously buried.



Vladimirets - The Little Town That Gets Around Slideshow illustrating how country borders moved around Vladimirets from 500 AD to present day.

The Ships We Sailed Photographs and information on the ships we used to migrate from Vladimirets to various parts of the world. Includes information on who came on which ships. Coming Soon!

Yiddish Shprekhen zie Mameloshen? Coming Soon!


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History of the Jews in Ukraine Interesting Wikipedia article on how Jews fared in Ukraine over time.

The Virtual Jewish History Tour
a really cool production of the Jewish Virtual Library

Pier 21 - Gateway to Canada YouTube video about Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the "Ellis Island" of Canada, where millions of immigrants first entered.  Many Vladimiretsers came to North America through Pier 21.

Interview with Noah Klieger (YouTube videos - each runs about 10-15 minutes)
For more information in English:
For more information in Hebrew:

Part 1 - introduction, surviving Auschwitz, Zionism
Part 2 - jewish underground immigration during the British Mandate, being a crew member on board the Exodus
Part 3 - becoming a journalist in Israel in 1947-48, without knowing hebrew
Part 4 - more about the Exodus, it's crew and the people it carried
Part 5 - establishing Israel in 1948, the early leaders of Israel (Ben Gurion & Begin)
Part 6 - current Israeli issues as seen by a longtime Israeli journalist
Part 7 - discusses the similarities and differences between the Nazists' and Islamists' attitude towards Jews. (small portion of interview lost due to tape changeover)
Part 8 - potential solutions and the peace process in the Middle East

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