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Donations of audio or video do not have to be in digital format.  We can have almost any format digitized and return the originals to you.  You can also have them digitized locally and send us the CD or electronic files.  Please contact us to let us know what you have and in what format. 

Some damaged tapes/film cannot be digitized in their entirety.  Whenever possible, we try to capture as much meaningful content as we can.


Capturing Technology:

We are fortunate that our family seems to embrace technology in all its forms, and the 19th and 20th Centuries were a time of technological change at the consumer level.  The Web Galleries show the shift from the rare formal portrait to large numbers of casual photographs. 

Here in Multimedia, we see the emergence of home audio recording using reel-to-reel and cassette tapes, and later the use of home video (Super-8, video cameras and now digital recording). 
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Click the audio button to play the sound clip.
You may have to change the sound levels on your computer to hear the clips correctly.  Not all the clips were recorded at the same sound level, and some have been restored from damaged media. 

1960s, Various family gatherings (Detroit, MI  USA; Eugene Gottlieb)
In 1961, Gene Gottlieb got his hands on a new type of reel-to-reel tape recorder.  Always up for some fun, he recorded some of our family shows.

On Sundays, the family would gather and everyone would put on shows.  The kids would lip-synch to records and do variety acts, Gene would do "Man on the Street" interviews in the style of Steve Allen, and whoever was around was roped into skits, musical numbers, and any variety of fun and games.

The audio clips below are from a variety of family gatherings in the 1960s.  They represent a time and a place and what we was going on when you got too many of us together in one room.
Audio Play button Gene Gottlieb sound check
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Gene  bribing Vic Damone

Audio Play button Max & Rose Gottlieb arrive, games with kids
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Gene interviewing Max Gottlieb as Ben Gurion

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Different Sunday a stirring rendition of Dayenu (Ricky Ferette)

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Kids The Spaghetti & Pizza Opera by Macaroni

Audio Play button Walter Cronk & Zsa Zsa Gabor
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Gene Man on the Street (Hollywood & Vine)

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Interview with Clark Bagel (Ricky Ferrette), Debbie Reynolds (Debbie Gottlieb) and Zsa Zsa Gabor (Laura Gottlieb)

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Click the video button to play the movie.  Depending on your system setup, it may play in your  browser or in your media player.
Most of these movies were digitized from silent 8mm films.  Some of them have an added music track which is  not necessary.  Some clips have been restored from damaged media. 

   1962 - Wedding of Sheila Barill & David Weiner
from the collection of Sheila Barill

The photographs from this wedding are in the Family Album Web Gallery and have almost everyone identified. This wedding was a large-scale celebration, with Vladimiretsers from Detroit, Montreal, Boston, Washington DC and many other places coming in. Includes:  
  Bride's preparation and bridesmaids
  Groom's preparation and groomsmen 
  Wedding Ceremony 
  After the ceremony
  Lots of wedding guests at the tables
  Food (Why? Don't know.) / Some dancing  [Note: Sheila specifically asked both the videographer and the photographer to get extra coverage of the dancing and the reception.  Neither listened to her and she always complained that they didn't do what she wanted.]
Nov 1965 - Thanksgiving many Detroit Vladimiretsers
1950's - Washington DC / NY / Boston trip with Louis & Rifka Barill, Sheila Barill and others.  Many of the cousins they visited have not yet been identified.  Any help would be appreciated. (badly filmed)
Dec 1965 - Terri (Terryn) 1st birthday.  Because we were moving to California, Terryn's birthday party was held early in Detroit, so everyone could be there.
Coming Soon
  Wedding of Irving Barill & Bernice Newman


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