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Stories and Writings

The yiskor book for Vladimirets was written in memory of Vladimirets after WWII.  Written by Vladimiretsers, it was used as a fundraiser by the Vladimirets Landsmanshaften Society to raise money for Israel and survivors.  Although written from sorrow, not all of the book is doom-and-gloom from its chapters we begin to learn what Vladimirets was like in the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

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The Memory Book contains snippets of stories and vignettes about Vladimirets, the people who lived there, and their descendants.  
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Yad Vashem is another source of information for us.  Although most of it is written in Hebrew or other non-English languages, some testimony has been translated or was given in English.    
Survival in the Wild and in Partisan Detachments Reuben Baril
Transcript of Yad Vashem Testimony Q&A interview Rachel (Burko) Levin
Other Writings  
Memories of growing up in Vladimirets (pdf opens in new window) Charles Shoock
Notes from a Visit to Vladimiretz & Bile (pdf opens in new window) Stan Oshinsky

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